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Research at Utica Marsh by Hamilton College Students

compiled January, 2000, by EHW

fall, 1997

Boxall-Yamaji, Myoka [biology - Prof. Ernest Williams]

Factors affecting spatial patterns of aquatic life at Utica Marsh


Frisch, Susan M. [biology - Prof. Bill Pfitsch]

Purple loosestrife: its invasion and subsequent efforts of control


Oles, Hilary [biology - Prof. Bill Pfitsch]

Wetland ecosystem structure and function: the impacts and mechanisms of invasion of Lythrum salicaria


Cook, Sarah L. [biology - Prof. Bill Pfitsch]

The growth and phosphorus-use efficiency of invasive Lythrum salicaria and native Typha latifolia and the implications for the competition mechanism


Smith, Amy L. [geology - Prof. David Bailey]

Study of trace heavy metals in the sediment and pore-waters of the Utica Marsh, Utica, New York


Woodcock, Elizabeth M. [geology - Prof. David Bailey]

Analysis of Utica Marsh surface water for heavy metal contamination, Utica, New York


Holden, Katie M. [biology - Prof. Ernest Williams]

A comparison of herbivory on native and exotic herbaceous perennials


Horvitz, Ethan S. [biology - Prof. Donna Moore]

A baseline assessment of the Utica Marsh, its various algal communities, and their potential impact on the improvement of water quality

Mid June is a great time time to see all of the colors that the Utica Marsh has to offer. Flowers of all kinds are blooming everywhere, cattails and reeds dominate the marsh and the marsh itself puts on its green coat for the summer.