Utica Marsh slideshows

Flowers and things that flower- A collection of what makes the marsh colorful

Blue Heron- Pictures of the Blue Heron one afternoon on a walk.

Utica Monday Nite- See pictures from a Utica Monday Nite Walk.

Birds, bugs, etc.- Some interesting pictures of the wildlife.

Spring Hike.- April hike in the Marsh.

For great views of the marsh be sure to scale the observation tower. It provides a unique view that will be different each time you look at it.

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October Marsh Walk

The face of the marsh is now changing. The geese and ducks are far and few between, flowers, once abundant, are now hard to find and the water is starting to lose its green coat. The walk around the marsh is now a little easier. No fighting with bugs or overgrown trails. Just an occasional snake slithering by. The change is season makes the marsh seem like a new place even though we have been there many times before.