Utica Marsh slideshows

Flowers and things that flower- A collection of what makes the marsh colorful

Blue Heron- Pictures of the Blue Heron one afternoon on a walk.

Utica Monday Nite- See pictures from a Utica Monday Nite Walk.

Birds, bugs, etc.- Some interesting pictures of the wildlife.

Spring Hike.- April hike in the Marsh.

Look for all of the different birdhouses that have been placed along the trails and within the marsh itself.

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06/27/08 Afternoon hike

The pictures in this slideshow were taken on a muggy day around 2:00 in the afternoon. The Mosquitoes were out in full force but it was worth it. I don't think we have ever seen so much going on.

The Canada Geese were no longer little yellow fluffs- they now resemble their parents. The blue heron, morning dove, frogs and painted turtles were enjoying the warm day and although we didn't get any pictures we also saw several snakes and salamanders.

When taking hikes it is always be dressed appropriately. Cover yourself as much as the temperature allows and its always best to have a can of Off and Afterbite