Utica Marsh Annual Cleanup

Annual cleanup 2009- Tremendous turnout and successful cleanup. View the slideshow.

Annual cleanup 2008- Another successful annual cleanup. View the slideshow.

Annual cleanup 2007- Photo slideshow of the annual cleanup in 2007.

Do you know why the Utica Marsh looks green? It is Duckweed. These plants are very simple, lacking an obvious stem or leaves, but consist of a small 'thalloid' or plate-like structure that floats on or just under the water surface, with or without simple rootlets
Each spring the Utica Marsh Council organizes the Annual Spring cleanup. This is a great time to participate and help out within your community. Each season local business and memmbers of the community get together to help this worthy cause.

The next cleanup will be held in April of 2009. Check back for a date and time.

Utica Marsh Annual Clean-Up, April 26th, 2008

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped to make this a very successful year!!! We had over 110 volunteers from the community!

The fabulous weather added to the success of our clean up as we cleared A LOT of trash and tires out of the marsh (we actually overfilled the tire bin!). We also had generous donations from Bob's Auto Parts, Walmart, SUNYIT, and Waste Management!

The above slideshow contains pictures from the 2008 cleanup.