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For safety reasons, the bridge on Barnes Avenue that leads to Utica Marsh has been permanently closed by New York State DOT.

Thus, no easy access now exists to the marsh. New access routes are in development, but for the time being, all scheduled activities at the marsh are on hold.

We have had to cancel the spring clean-up this year (2011). Stay tuned for further developments.
Welcome to Utica Marsh

The Marsh is an urban wetland of 213 acres, lies mostly within the city of Utica, New York (U.S.A.), and provides a home for diverse plants and animals. It is a mixture of different wetland habitats that border the Mohawk River and New York Barge Canal.

The Utica Marsh is a wildlife management area of the state of New York, managed by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. You can visit the DEC web site here. You can also see the DEC page for Utica Marsh.

Are you conducting research at Utica Marsh ?

If so, contact Ernest Williams ( so we can map out who is working where and avoid disturbing each other's efforts.

Remember that you must obtain a permit (Temporary Revocable Permit) from DEC to conduct research at the Marsh.

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Flowers of the Marsh

Spring Cleanup 2007

Birds, bugs, etc.

Hike around the Marsh

Blue Heron

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